waterproof concrete

  1. The powerful plasticiser that makes the mix waterproof.

  2. Training and Supervision.

  3. Testing.

  4. FRP formwork rods and nuts.

  5. Poker hire - so that we know the pokers work properly.

  6. Guarantee.

If you need the guarantee then you need to buy the full list above for all the waterproof concrete, as appropriate.

You also need to arrange your pours so that all the concreting can be done very well. We will help you with that.

However the guarantee is free.

Please note we do not require any tapes or strips in joints. We require all joints to be scabbled, cleaned, kept clean and poured properly.

Neither will you need to seal any holes left by formwork threaded bar, because you cast our FRP threaded rods in and cut them off.

Therefore we will save you a lot of money and worry.

If you do not need the guarantee then you can buy just what you need.
  1. The powerful plasticiser is £29 per m³ dose.

  2. Site Supervision is £300 a visit (max. 6 hours on site) plus travel and accommodation if over 2 hours or 120 miles from CM16 6LU.

  3. Testing to BS EN 12390 part 8 is £780 a set including VAT at the lab, mould hire and cube making. We must be on site supervising.

  4. You can also buy formwork threaded rod that gets cast in so there are no holes to repair. These are described on our Basement Expert page.

  5. Poker hire is for two High-frequency internal vibrators. You need to supply separate 110V power to both (purely to provide a backup if one power supply fails). Any cleaning required after the pour will be charged.

  6. The Guarantee against visible ingress of water is free if all our instructions were followed.

Also, you need to pay for any new packaging and delivery.



You only need specify
  1. Minimum C35 or C40

  2. Maximum 5mm penetration of water under pressure to BS EN 12390 part 8.
Supervision by Basement Expert Ltd.

If you want proper supervision, with teeth, of ALL the waterproof concreting, then specify that the contractor must obtain a guarantee from Basement Expert.

This will compel the contractor to pay for
  1. The powerful plasticiser that makes the mix waterproof.

  2. Training and Supervision.

  3. Fibreglass threaded rods cast through waterproof concrete, instead of holes left by steel threaded rods.

  4. If the contractor does as he is told then the Guarantee will be free of charge. Otherwise the contractor will be made to pay for repairs before the guarantee is issued.

  5. In all truth, almost no one takes me up on this offer except self builders who will live in their new home and its basement. I am busy all year round with self builders. Not a drip has come through anything built since 2013.

    Unlike any other supplier, I will guarantee that concrete and workmanship carried out as explained on this web site and the Basement Expert web site and supervised by me will not visibly leak, or else I will fix the leaks. And as well as that unique promise, I will repair the leaks for free.

    The readymix concrete mix design.

    1. P350. This means 350kgs of cement per m³.

    2. CEM 1, pure OPC, or CEM 3 pure OPC and a blend of GGBS, slag.

    3. Over-sanded for pumping.

    4. Target slump 60mm.

    5. No other additives. Basement Expert to add and mix its powerful plasticiser on site.

    Please note two points.

    1. We do not require any tapes or strips in joints. We require all joints to be reinforced, scabbled, cleaned, kept clean and poured properly.

      You are free to include any joint treatment you wish but we will still require the contractor to scabble joints, clean them etc. to the old BS 8007.

      More information on our Joints page.

    2. We do not allow kickers in waterproof concrete. It is IMPOSSIBLE to form a sensible kicker properly and waterproof. We will help the contractor choose a kickerless system that suits him.

      More information on our Kickers page.

Please go the Basement Expert web site for details of the threaded fibreglass rods and nuts.

Call me, Phil Sacre:

07773 377087

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We believe that our guarantee is the only genuinely useful guarantee in the marketplace.

If you think differently, then insist on a copy of the guarantee from whomever you prefer to specify.

You will find, I believe, that Caltite, Pudlo, Sika and so on will make all manner of excuses and not provide you with their actual wording.

Kryton is the only publicly available guarantee we have seen. We reproduce it on our Kryton page under 'Others examined' in our menu above. It excludes absolutely everything you would want from a guarantee.

I hear engineers tell me that Caltite is the Rolls Royce of waterproofers. Yet if you truly understood their BBA certificate you would know it is evidence (other academic evidence is available) that Everdure Caltite does not work beneath ground where it cannot fully dry.

And their guarantee, reproduced on our page about Caltite, just like Kryton's, excludes absolutely everything you would want from a guarantee.

If Caltite is considered the Rolls Royce then Pudlo might be considered the Bentley. But it's BBA certificate proves only that it made concrete more watertight when they reduced the water cement ratio as well as adding about 8kg of cementicious powder. The BBA certificate for Pudlo provides no evidence that the concrete used on site will be waterproof as a result of adding Pudlo powder.